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Rolling the Super Decathlon

I was flying in formation with a camera plane when I rolled my Super Decathlon to the inverted position. This shot was taken just as I started to roll inverted.

AT-6D (Texan) 1972

This WWII advanced trainer was used by many cadets on their way to our battles in WWII. The Pratt and Whitney R-1340 600 Horsepower engine and 9' 2" propeller makes this plane a true classic. Photo by Curtis Guillet.

Vindicator Being Tested

This photo was taken at Lake Hawkins near Tyler, Texas. My safety divers were there to help should the unexpected have happened. Luckily the test was nearly flawless.

Stearman PT-17

I purchased this plane in 1970. It was formally a WWII primary trainer. I was 19 in this photo taken at Magnolia, Arkansas.

5 Vindicator at Home

My submarine The Vindicator is located at home for a day or two as we have a party celebrating a successful test.

Downtown Airshow Photo

Barry Guillet, Marion Cole, Chris Wank, and Gary Boucher

Steve and I Testing Sub

I was happy that the first dive was successful. You don't count dives. You count surfaces!

My Plane

I still love flying airshows!

Vindicator at Full Power

This photo was taken at Lake Hawkins during the first set of dives. Vindicator was at full power on the surface.

Downtown Airshow

Marion Cole, Barry Guillet, Gary Boucher, and Wyche Coleman, Sr. from Coushatta

Decathlon Row

Photo from an airshow in Carthage, Texas in the mid 1980s.

WHEELMA Returning to Lab

WHEELMA (Wheeled Hybrid Electronically Engineered Linear Motion Apparatus)

Flying at Barksdale

This photo taken by a professional photographer as I flew over him just feet above the ground. A very nice photo!

Rock N Roll!

Ready to Rock N Roll! WHEELMA can most easily turn in this position. She can also take steps with her front set of wheels raised.

Natchitoches Airshow

This show in 1985 featured a number of aerobatic acts and also a bevy of beauties who rode down the flight line with the performers after their performance.

Gary and Marion

I flew for years with Marion Cole at many airshows. This is one of my favorite photos of the two of us taken at Springhill, Louisiana during a donated airshow.

Jenelle My Daughter

Jenelle was about 7 when she posed for photos with my first Decathlon. She has grown a bit now and lives in New York City.

Knife Edge Flight

Plane to plane photo of me doing a knife edge maneuver. As long as the speed holds up, one can fly a Decathlon on its side.

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LSUS Work in Wireless Monitoring and Control

Oilfield Monitoring and Control Systems

LSUS has a history of working to develop innovations for the oil and gas service industry.  A number of years ago, I was asked if I would develop a system to monitor oil and salt water levels for the shallow well oil production as seen in the Oil City, and Vivian, Louisiana regions.  There are literally thousands of small pumper-driven wells in that area.  Most have low oil production due to a very low ratio of oil to saltwater being pumped.  The saltwater must be reinjected into separate wells for disposal.  Many accidents have occurred when tanks of saltwater have overflowed and the pumping systems have not been shut down as planned.

I developed a licensable technology at LSUS to monitor the liquid levels and to shut down production at some remote location if overflow occurs.  A great deal of redundancy was built into these systems requiring a coded radio signal to be present for the pumping to continue.  Removal of this signal, for any reason, results in the shutting down of the wells pumping this fluid to the overflowing storage tanks.

The prototyping was successful and proven in field use.  I believe our system takes more precautions than any other in protecting against failure to shut down wells in case of fluid overflow. 

LSUS Metering and Telemetry Systems

Working through LSUS, I have developed varied approaches to long range monitoring of oil and gas well locations.  Using Digi International’s modular modem transceivers, we have demonstrated robust systems for remote control and monitoring.  Working through local industry, I have also developed satellite-based data systems that are cost-effective and allow for extremely remote monitoring of system failures.  The reporting electronic hardware is extremely cost-effective and can easily be customized for use in a variety of industries.

The programs and equipment shown on the left is a cell-based technology using a standard modem. With the GUI that I developed, the user can easily see problems with their remote equipment, and instantly adjust the system to solve many abnormalities. This equipment is a simulator designed to represent a working oil or gas well. The small gray module in the upper left of the simulator is the telemetry device with modem inside.

LSUS also partnered with an outside company to develop a satellite-based monitoring system for gas pumping stations. The main desire of the company was to sense shutdown of gas compressors. A small vibration sensor on the printed circuit board sensed the vibrations of the compressor and automatically reported loss of vibration. In this way there were no electronic links with existing equipment.

Partner with LSUS

We at LSUS are more than willing to listen to your special needs and work with you to develop a customized electronic solution to your problems.  One approach is outside consulting. The LSU System allows their faculty latitude to work independently with private firms. I have done consultation work numerous times with local companies and also individuals. Another approach for companies to benefit from our expertise is to contract with LSUS to solve your technical problems using our facilities. The advantage this has is to allow the full use of our laboratory and equipment.

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